Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Kota Raya
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Yup, 'twas great getting together with Soo Tian and Sivin yesterday.

Sivin introduced us to the Glad Sounds in Kota Raya... and what a journey of discovery it turned out to be for the three of us!

Soo Tian bought Alan Reynolds' 'Reading the Bible for the Love of God' (with a foreword by Eugene Peterson) and I picked up Peterson's 'The Wisdom of Each Other,' which will be part of the TMsquared project this year, while Sivin got Tony Jones' 'Postmodern Youth Ministry.'

We then went to Nando's for dinner, where we had an unfortunate encounter with the supervisor (I think), because I left the umbrella to dry on the cushioned seats.

Over dinner, Sivin said (and I quote): "BLC is like a CF on steroids," alluding to the fact that there are a number of ex-CF presidents in the church, including himself, May Chin and John Cheah.


Sivin Kit said...

wow! cool pictures .. and a fun summary!

silentsoliloquy said...

Will comment tomorrow morning. My week without sleep seems to be over. :) Really sleepy now. Really cool bunch of posts though, Ben.

silentsoliloquy said...

Haha, the biggest joke was that I left my books in your bag! ;) It's alright.. I've got plenty of other stuff to read first. Reunion is just a couple of weeks away anyway.