Sunday, May 29, 2005


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This evening, Jason came by to pass me the stuff I'd left behind at NS, along with Tee Ming's letter, which he received on my behalf during the final week there.

I do not know when we will meet again, so I take this opportunity to thank a person who, during the course of NS, truly earned the rare title of 'friend.' It was he through whom God gave me grace and strength in my darkest hours.

Someone mentioned at church today, that the reason why the little we sow to God is returned in larger dividends, is because God has a larger shovel.

So it was with Jason; during the first week, we shared much time reading the Bible and working through faith. Sometime within the first two weeks, he took his first 'official' step in following Christ. But as the weeks that followed would show, I needed him far more than he ever needed me.

(In the photo, he's talking to my Mum, while Jessyca--his girlfriend--looks on from within the car)

On a different note, I found and picked up Brian McLaren's 'The Last Word and the Word After That' from Kinokuniya this afternoon. It should prove to be a most interesting read!

I particularly like the cover, maybe because the sunset reminds me of the twin sunsets of Tatooine, which closes 'Episode III: Revenge of the Sith' with the hope of Vader's redemption through his children.

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