Thursday, February 24, 2005

Between Breakfast and Lunch

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Met up with Mrs Chang and Kok Kin today for Brunch at this dim sum shop in Taman Midah.

They ordered Tom Yam (really yummy, the way it's cooked there; more lontong-ish than Thai-style sour) but I opted for the milder stuff, what with my present sore throat and cough.

We had this really engaging three-hour discussion over many cups of chinese tea, covering topics as diverse as debate, higher education, Malaysian society, music, school, attitude, dreams and morality.

Mrs Chang suggested that Kok Kin publish a book, what with him being an economics lecturer at the University of Sydney, and I proposed the title 'Of Lalang and Caterpillars' (a corollary of recent events and our morning discussion, plus a bit of rojak-ism).

So it is that we are true Malaysians, holding fast to our favourite f-words: Food and Fellowship. Till the next time!

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