Wednesday, February 23, 2005


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Yesterday, while walking to the Komuter station to meet Audrey before heading back to SU/FES to wreak some havoc, and later visit Keat Lim's house nearby, I saw these two pigeons on the road.

For a short while, I stalked them, trying to get that perfect shot...

Sadly, they flew off, and it wasn't any easier snapping pigeons in flight.

But they did land, on the roof of this single-storey house, and it was perfect, for a few moments, before they moved off once again.

Jalan Templer is really infested with pigeons, and sometimes I see their silhouettes outside the office blinds, not the mention the noisy flapping of their wings ;-)

OK, it must be officially announced on the blogosphere: Happy (belated) birthday Kim Cheng!

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