Monday, February 14, 2005

Leave me alone!

Michael Jackson
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This morning, I noticed that almost every advertisement slot during the Grammy Awards on Star World featured an upcoming TV special whose title had the effect of "Michael Jackson's Parents Tell All."

With all this hullabaloo over the ongoing Michael Jackson child molestation trial, I cannot help but feel that too much attention is being given it.

Already the guy's in enough shit as it is, without tons of nosy parkers piling up the manure, regardless of what MJ has or hasn't done.

People in general have a strange addiction to gossip, spanning an expansive range from celebrity marriages to the neighbour's third son's girlfriend's eccentric habits.

Why can't we learn to mind our own business? Sometimes these courts seem almost ludicrous. They claim to be upholding justice by investigating the case of child molestation 'in the spirit of defending human rights'...

And what of the world in general? Do they give a damn about people dying where they have no food, no water, no amenities? No. No. No!

Human rights (and whatever these guardians of justice claim to stand for) matter only if they involve high-profile celebrities. Never mind that abuse runs rampant almost everywhere else.

The media could do so much more good by highlighting needs in real places, rather than creating some Michael Jackson documentary to entertain the couch potatoes and give them food for slander rather than constructive thought.

As it stands, the last people to trust are those who tell you, "Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about..."

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