Monday, February 21, 2005


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On the third and final day of the ISKL SEA Forensics, I took a break after the morning events, and followed Sivin for his speaking engagement at Seri Bintang Utara.

This shot was taken during the group sessions, when Sivin gave 'clues' (Bible verses) to each group, which helped describe the Trinity.

He spoke on the subject of Knowing God, with special emphasis on the very Trinity itself.

As usual, the most engaging discussions happened after the 'official' event. Some would stay back and ask questions, those who are called 'mavens' (I forgot where Sivin got the name), and my, were they tough questions!

Sometimes, as Sivin said, the only thing we can do is be silent in the presence of greatness. God's majesty.

Man can only explain away so much without trying to throw God into a box. What is a Creator whom the creation can fully understand?

As Brian McLaren said so aptly, sometimes it's OK not to know.

The important thing is, are we seeking this God who has disclosed himself, if ever in such a limited manner? Are we more concerned for organic relationship and forward motion, as opposed to theoretical assuredness and 'smug certainty'?

Trinity points to one thing: God wants to make himself known. Will we respond likewise?

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