Sunday, August 14, 2005

After the Tattoo

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Behold, the VI Cadet Corps Band, one of the greatest marching bands in the world, with the finest bagpipers outside Scotland!

From left: Hazim (to-be president of the band, and the best Drum Major I've seen in awhile), Sayyid (head of the brass section), Afiq (originally to-be president of the band, but leaving for Sunway College to do the Monash University Foundation Year), Ariffin (ex-prefect and rugby player; no longer in the VI), Helmi (drummer), Afri (head of the bagpipers), me, Jon, Li-Shia and Choon Wei.

Apart from Helmi, all the other bandsmen in the photo were my classmates, at least once in the last five years. It's great seeing them all up there, leading the band. And they are good people.

From little subordinates to influential leaders... it dawns upon me that next year, my form will helm the VI. Yet it seems like just yesterday that we entered this massive institution.

Reminds me of the aphorism, "Learn to take orders. You may give them someday." I am trying to learn humility. Pride is often the last enemy to enter the picture, for it does so only once a person is 'established,' but it is also the most stubborn tenant.

Perhaps that is why God breaks us from time to time: to remind us of who we are, of our humanity, of humour, of humility. It is not possible to laugh too much or too loud. To be able to take each stride in life with overwhelming joy...

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