Sunday, August 21, 2005

And Wilson makes three!

Originally uploaded by mincaye.
Somewhere in the middle of our dandelion journey, Wilson popped into the picture; he met us en route to the Pavilion.

The sun was absolutely brilliant then, circa 9:00 a.m. Took a number of shots on the Pavilion, with the marvellous Clock Tower in the background, and stopped on the way back to take a photo beneath a giant palm; an unidentified 1st/2nd-former took that shot.

Still bursting with energy and a penchant for wacky photos, we did a little choo-choo-train formation on the steps leading down to the Form Six Block; photo credits to Keeshoore and Tinesh.

As Li-Shia would undoubtedly be happy to know, basking in the sun is an excellent way to shed those extra pounds gained from over-indulgence in chocolate and cotton candy...

(Now we all know how she maintains her figure despite the glaring overdose of calories!)


Foreign Stranger said...

Bollywood, Ben, Bollywood. Nice pics though.

lishia said... many bollywood references...

where's the pic of me and wilson??? it didn't come out well?

silentsoliloquy said...

You look great with the sampin Ben.