Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Melting Chocolate

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The sun was absolutely glorious this morning. I took this shot from the third (or was it second?) floor of the Form Six Block.

I love the way the light streaks across the fluffy, textured clouds, almost as if the most majestic seas and skies were all rolled into one.

Times Square makes a rather excellent silhouette, and this brings to mind something Li-Shia said on the night of the VIOBA dinner; that Times Square looks like chocolate, and the KL Tower like a lollipop.

Now what if it were indeed a bar of chocolate, melting in the golden rays of the morning sun, flooding the streets of KL with warm fudge?

Not a bad thought, no?

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silentsoliloquy said...

Today I took quite a lot of shots as well with a digital camera given to me by my Uncle Chris. The amount of pictures I took reminded me of you, Ben. ;) Perhaps I'll be joining the rest of you in d'NA picture mania.