Sunday, August 07, 2005

Welcome to the Freakshow!

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Don't ask me why I chose this title. It just happened to sound right; and besides, I like dcTalk ;-)

Saturday's National Bible Knowledge Quiz at Assunta School, PJ, was rather excellent. Finishing among the top for the non-SPM Senior category was a blessing by grace. Taking part in it was just an excuse to meet the people who really matter: friends.

In the tree picture, are, clockwise from me; Chien Aun, Zheng, Ning, Tee Ming, Grace and Yen Mii. Crazy d'NA monkeys, no less.

Had lunch at A&W with Nigel, U Shen and Sue Jan. Found out that Shen dislikes the Root Bear (not root beer, mind you). Jan and Shen have made it a point to join me and Joshua for a Roman Catholic mass sometime. Partly Nigel's idea to 'free' Shen from the uber-Pentecostal shell.

The day before, i.e. Friday, met Simon who was in the V.I. to support the MBS team in the ExxonMobil Science Quiz. Had a Melody-Simon-Ben pic taken as a memento of the ex-CF Presidents, though Simon was recently sworn in for a second term.

Among the songs sung for worship that morning, was Blessed be Your Name. Nigel said it was from the Soul Survivor CD; British Anglican, different from American and Australian worship, he said.

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silentsoliloquy said...

Chien Aun has grown taller! :)