Sunday, August 14, 2005


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The buildings in the background are not blurred by the haze, but by the tremendous shower earlier this afternoon.

Some say this is the effect of cloud-seeding. Whatever the cause, the rain was certainly welcome, although the haze had already cleared.

Reminds me, as rain always does, of that day at BLC in 2004 with Sivin, before the dinner with the debaters.

I doubt the metaphor was ever intended, but cloud-seeding suggests to me another analogy: the seed of the Word. If rains fall as a result of seeding clouds, then perhaps blessings and life only follow if we patiently sow into the kingdom, planting seeds in a soil we cannot see, for a harvest we may not reap.

To that end, it is difficult to be faithful. But it is for that very end that faith is required, and when there is nothing left in the darkness, it is all that will be needed.


silentsoliloquy said...

Mm.. I like your idea.. I guess I must admit sometimes I get caught up with instant results that I get discouraged when things don't seem to be bearing much immediate fruit. That's bad.

silentsoliloquy said...
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