Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Odds and ends

Peculiar day today.

In the morning during recess, my ex-English teacher, Miss Shanti, shared with me a problem that's been bugging her lately: a college-mate of hers who is now a pastor, is driving her and her friends up the wall with signature Christian brashness and the famous 'preachy' drone. This pastor is probably the embodiment of many Christians, who, due to excessive indoctrination of modern Christianity, speak concepts and theories and so-called laws that never pass through the heart before they are made audible.

She has asked me for help in replying the e-mails sent by this pastor. On one hand, she doesn't want to break correspondence; on the other, she's at her wits' end as to what to say. I could only say two things: first, that I would be direct and not hide behind metaphors and euphemisms if I were talking to this pastor, and second, that I do not know what to do. (As McLaren puts it: it's okay not to know).

Later in the day, while waiting for Mum to fetch me from school, I overheard a conversation between F1 and F2 (identities remain protected) in the little wakaf/pondok near the school entrance. Somewhere in it, F1 said -- and I quote as accurately as I can -- "Fuck a guy in the ass for all I care, but don't marry him. That's just plain wrong lah."

F1 is in no way religious, but somehow the ethical core remains. Why? (This actually reminds me of C.S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man, in which he says he would rather play cards with a person of questionable ethics, but who was trained to believe that a man does not cheat, than with an irreproachable moral philosopher who was brought up among sharpers).

In the evening, I beheld what must have been the worst haze to settle upon Cheras (I do not know about the rest of KL) in a very long time. Buildings seemed to be covered with a grey sheet, and the sun appeared as a very pronounced orange ball, about the size of the full moon.

I do hope it rains soon. I miss rain... I miss all the symbolism and meaning and purpose of rain. I miss the presence of God, so often present in the rain...

Not too long ago, had a discussion with Mum and Dad about boy-girl relationships; was pretty awkward, as this is unfamiliar territory as far as our conversations go... and it's not like I'm in -- or about to enter into -- one.

Oh well, it's been a relatively good day. Managed to do some Maths work; I seriously can't remember the last time I spent so much time on homework (with the exception of my recent Bio notes, written at about 1-something a.m. on Tuesday morning!).

Piano lesson tomorrow, ExxonMobil Science Quiz in school this Friday, and the National SPM BK Quiz at Assunta on Saturday.

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