Saturday, August 13, 2005


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The same trees, on different days. The top picture was taken on Wednesday, and the bottom one today.

Looks like Genting/Cameron Highlands, except that the temperature is virtually opposite!

Closer inspection will reveal yellow leaves/petals on the road beneath the trees (d'NAers and avid blog-readers will certainly get this reference). I couldn't resist the shot.

Top picture, from left: Li-Shia, Ching Yeng, me, Phon, Tinesh, Phak Hoe and Balazs.

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joan-lynn said...

There used to be this tree which has yellow petals in front of a church near my house too. But it's sad that they cut off its branches now. So it doesn't really look that nice anymore. I don't know if the next time when the season has reached its time for the petals to fall, will there be any more petals left. Hmm...