Sunday, August 28, 2005

To the VEB!

veb farewell (b)
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Friday night was quite momentous: we had the annual Victorian Editorial Board farewell dinner at Denise's father's Nyonya restaurant, Bibik Neo, in Desa Sri Hartamas.

We had intended, at first, to begin dinner at half-past six and end at eight. Eventually, we started at about a quarter past eight, and I cannot remember when we actually ended.

Amy (accompanied by Denise, Suzanne, Debbie and Li-Shen) and Tinesh & Zamil presented a number of songs after dinner, framing the speeches made by some of the outgoing Upper-Six members.

But I think the most interesting performance of the night was the Uncorking of the Sparkling Juice Bottles by Chin Fei and Weng Ken, our Chief Editor and Sub-Editor respectively.

The wine Lik Wen selected turned out to be rather sweet (which I liked very much!) for a white wine. It's called 'Mystique,' and was chosen simply because Lik Wen liked the bottle and we couldn't find champagne.

(For a detailed account, read the 27 August entry on Denise's blog, accessible via 'Links: Hikers' on my blog's sidebar).

Well, the editors have stepped down:

Yan Chin Fei
Sub-Editors (alphabetical order):
Chan Weng Ken
Ho Jia Hun

And have been replaced by:

Benjamin Ong
Sub-Editors (alphabetical order):
Keeshoore Apparavoo
Leong Lik Wen
Lim Jinq Sien

Interestingly, before I became the Editor-in-Chief of the Seladang Editorial Board, I was preceded by a Sub-Editor who was an ex-student of SK Taman Segar, John Ratnaraj, two years my senior.

This time around, interestingly, I was also preceded by a Segarian, Weng Ken, the only difference being that he's only a year older than me.

Quite a night indeed. And the journey has just begun!

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Leanne said...

hey ben! just wanted to congratulate u on the EIC thingee hehe. wengkey told me.
cya next week! btw have u told mrs chang? i hope not. wanted to give her a a surprise hehe. if u did then its okay. cya soon! :P

silentsoliloquy said...

It's actually good that you've got the post... such things train our brains in ways that memorizing facts simply can't.