Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Architect

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For more than seven months had I not seen the great Ho Sui-Jon. He returned to school on Saturday morning for Speech Day (prize-giving ceremony) on account of his string of SPM As. And he made another appearance for the VIOBA Dinner and Band Tattoo (NOT the skin art) at night.

It was a trip down memory lane, almost as if I'd been sucked into a time tunnel, meeting old friends whom I'd not seen in the months since results day. As for Jon, he'd already left for Kolej Tunku Jaafar early this year.

So, he decided to leave his mark and return to his old ways, before leaving once again for KTJ. During the dinner, we made our way to the Lecture Hall block to find an empty classroom with plastic chairs, followed by Li-Shia and Choon Wei.

He did what he always did best, stacking the chairs ceiling-high. Ryan and his brother, Chester, discovered us. It was Chester who took this picture. Later, Shazlan (choir coach) and Suffian (pioneer choir member, 2001) found us too.

Jon wants to become an architect. Indeed, it would suit him. There isn't much room for great minds these days, what with the dulling of individuals via more and more propoganda, rather than the propogation of human beings in rich soil.

It's usually the little incongruencies of life that make it worth living, the odds and ends that make us laugh, and the moments that flash by, that we cherish the longest and best.

And who knows, maybe some day Jon will create the first Chair Monument, or if it's in Malaysia, Tugu Kerusi!

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