Saturday, August 13, 2005

silver lining

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Dinner just now with (from left) Lik Wen, Hari, Li-Shen and Amy at Teppanyaki, Times Square, was good. We all ordered chicken teppanyaki and iced green tea.

Amy discovered that I can, after all, speak Cantonese.

Somehow the last few days have revolved around Times Square. It was the last landmark to disappear in the haze, and I went there four times in three days; once with Mum after the VI Old Boys' Association photo shoot, twice with VEB members after work, and once for the CU meeting.

I suppose it's because the mall is near school and, being air-conditioned, is a welcome respite to weary souls engulfed in the haze.

This morning, when Jonathan, his sister Joanna and I walked into Times Square, it was still rather hazy, though not as bad as yesterday's worst.

But when Weng Ken and I drove out after the meeting, the sun shone as it never had in the last few days. I managed to catch a glimpse of this glorious hope peeping through the clouds.

I suppose I miss school. A few years ago, I would rejoice at the thought of such ad hoc school holidays. But not now.

Li-Shia is right: home is simply too boring. At least school keeps us busy and on our toes, preventing any hint of stagnation from surfacing.

(By the way, since a picture paints a thousand words, I've decided to rely on my photos to tell this week's stories, for I cannot seem to make my mind stable enough to write).

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