Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wise Ones

Originally uploaded by mincaye.
Met several sages yesterday.

That's Mrs Kua holding what looks like an envelope (she furnished me with reference materials for BK last year), and the famous Miss Moey, standing next to her. I do not know the person standing next to me.

On the top right, I'm sandwiched in between two friends who constantly encourage and guide me; Sivin and Soo-Inn. Had a meaningful conversation with Soo-Inn on person-fasting, career, people and life in general.

Finally got to meet Paul Long, bottom right, at BLC that night (their 5th Anniversary). Highly skilled at balloon-art, heheh. Heard a lot about him from Tee Ming.

Sorry if my blog entries seem a bit disconnected lately. There've been lots on my mind, and I just can't seem to get anything straightened out. The only reason I'm keeping the posts going, is for the sake of maintaining a record for posterity.

Hope to be back in full swing sometime soon.


Sivin Kit said...

thanks for the acknowledgement ... :-) BTW, love the photo of Soo-Inn, and us (plus the one with Paul) can you send them to me?

Paul Long said...

Searched and found your blog. Noticed that Tee Ming's name comes out a lot :-)Glad she's good friends with someone who is a serious thinker.

paul long said...

Oh ... forgot to mention ... me a wise one? hahahaha *blush*