Monday, October 10, 2005

Classroom Chaos

BF madness
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Post-exams, the average secondary school classroom is transformed into a zoo of sorts. As you can see from the pictures above, these are evidently characters you would hope never to meet in an alley in the dead of night.

Clockwise, from centre-right:

1. Li-Shia enjoying Cadbury Black Forest chocolate.

2. Me, Tinesh and Phak Hoe forming a 'massage train.'

3. Len Yi and Melody working on a Sudoku puzzle.

4. Chun Hong and Vincent messing up Li-Shia's hair, with a blurred Jinq Sien laughing away.

5. Vincent the hairstylist and his latest creation.

Mr Leong returned our Pure Maths papers to us today. It was a rather mixed feeling, to be the third-highest scorer in the form, but with only 66% at that.

Chun Hong is highest at 78%, and Vincent second at 70%; Kian Ti came in fourth in our class with 57%.

On the whole, though, it is good to have improved on my terrible monthly test performance (50%). And maybe, just maybe, I'm actually getting somewhere with this subject in which I often see no practical application.

We'll be getting our Chemistry marks soon. I promised to treat some of my friends to dinner if I scored anything more than 70%. Believe it or not, some are already planning the outing!

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lishia said...

IT HURT!!! Especially if it involves pulling anything that is physically attached to you...

Taking pictures with wacked people is no easy job, that i can assure you!

Oh my goodness..the goldfish..the goldfish...

*Flips over and dies*