Thursday, October 06, 2005

Operation: Dr M

Dr M, originally uploaded by mincaye.

Exactly a week ago, Tun Dr Mahathir paid a visit to the Victoria Institution. He was invited to give a speech and officiate the 'Sudut Pidato' or Speakers' Corner in the school (which is, in fact, a raised platform at the Pavilion).

I assembled a team to cover the event, and I believe they deserve due credit for a job well done. They are:

Denise, for interviewing Dr M and contacting the press
Li-Shia, for the one-of-a-kind angles, and patience
Phak Hoe, for taking care of the press despite hiccups we know all too well
Wai Loon, for the amazing photographs (he got what he came for, a photo with Dr M; bottom right)

Still pending are the reports by Jinq Sien and Kervindran.

In hindsight, it was a good choice not to blog last week, for I was angry and resentful. Mostly it was because of the attitude of the press, who simply had to barge in with inane questions on the Approved Permits and Anwar Ibrahim.

(Thanks Li-Shia, for straightening me out).

But I have forgiven them, and I have been forgiven by my teacher, Ms Jaya, for I had wounded her with a scathing SMS after the event, typed out of sheer frustration.

It happens that on Monday, I chose by random the story of the Emmaus-bound disciples for quiet time. And then, reading something Max Lucado wrote on that passage, I realised it was no fluke.

At this moment, I cannot remember Max's actual words, but they were along these lines: "When the world lets you down, trust in God."

Sounds so simple, and yet... I doubt there's a better way to put it. God wrote the story, and maybe that's why Jesus told the story of Messiah to those disciples; they had to learn that he was still in control.

I had hoped for a longer, more intimate interview with Dr M. I did not get it. Instead of being content with what I did have (which, as it turned out, was quite a lot in the way of pictures, videos and audio recordings), I coveted what I did not.

Indeed, in retrospect, I think the above photo speaks volumes that are only dawning upon me now.

In it are, among others, the Principal, our Parent-Teacher Association chairwoman, Datin Maimun (who organised the event), Li-Shia, the Tun's bodyguard cum personal aide, Mr Zainuddin Mahamood (photographer for the teachers and my Form 4 Biology teacher), Mr Nik Anuay (co-curricular senior assistant), Miss Shanti (esteemed English teacher) and a host of old boys including Dato Mustapha Ali, Dato Jaffar Indot and Mr Yusli Yusoff (of the KL Stock Exchange).

And for those few moments, they stood by the sidelines while four students (Denise, Mohan, Ikmal Hisham and I) had a four-on-one with the Tun. If that's not good enough, I don't know what is.

Indeed God is good, and before retiring for tonight, I would like to quote from Jars of Clay's liner notes in their latest album 'Redemption Songs.'

"We are a part of a brotherhood and sisterhood of believing, fused together by faith, and each of us given the very hard and good work of living our story out in reverence to and worship of the great story of the redemption of all things."

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silentsoliloquy said...

Yup, I struggle with being thankful for what I have as well... and mm, I've never met Dr. M myself. :)