Friday, October 21, 2005

The Green Room

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So we did the photo shoot yesterday, during Mr Leong's lesson on 'Differentiation and Graphs with Asymptotes.' And I got the chance to try out some unusual stuff, like this picture, which was taken with a bilayer of green cellophane paper placed over the camera lens.

Puan Hasnani was absent, but she insisted that we carried on with the Classification exercise in the Bio lab, which called for the observation of several types of simple plants and animals.

Jinq Sien and I had a field time collecting ants and a spider for observation under the microscope, which duly amused Suzanne, Denise, Len Yi and several other classmates who came over to see our 'findings.'

After the audition (for which I believe you can get sufficient details from Denise's and Li-Shia's blogs), I gave my two remaining Rusks (yes, the Farley's Rusks) to Li-Shia, commenting that even the Sony Cybershot is slimmer than they.

Indeed, Keeshoore can really act, albeit with lots of his signature "dey-s" and "ma'cha-s" thrown in for good measure! Li-Shia and I also realised that Jinq Sien would be good in some of the scenarios used in the audition, what with his completely nonchalant look, heheh...

Within the last two days, Denise's friend Eunice and Pak Lah's wife Endon Mahmood, returned to the earth. I knew neither.

But as far as I do know, both left indelible marks, Endon on the nation and Eunice on Sri Hartamas; Endon's legacy includes her famous book, 'The Nyonya Kebaya,' while Eunice's includes the annual school magazine.

I cannot remember where I read these words, and I'm not sure if I've even remembered them correctly, but they resonated with me yesterday: "Why does the death of a person affect me? It is because I am involved with mankind." (Could it have been T.S. Eliot? I don't know).

It's been two weddings this year; Jeen & Andrew, Ui Min & Siew Woan. And three funerals related to people I know; Aunty Irene (Sam's mum), Soo Tian's grandfather, Eunice.

They shall remain in our hearts, for they are not dead yet. Though the mortal coil shall cease, they were 'immortals' whom we truly knew (as C.S. Lewis put it), and whom we shall know again when death's shadow is quenched forever by the Eternal Son.

On another note, I was looking through a recent post on Alwyn Lau's blog, with the heading question, "If God knew Adam and Eve were going to sin, why didn't He stop them?"

I found the following 'answers' (all of which are Alwyn's predictions/guesses of what the respective persons might say, judging from their perspectives on life) very amusing and quite true to the quoted personalities indeed.

Emergent Network: That idea didn't resonate with him

Emergent Network, II: He preferred a more authentic conversational approach

[only now do I realise the extent to which emergent has influenced my vocabulary, i.e. with words like 'resonate' and 'conversational']

Kia Meng: There are problems. There are mysteries. And there is God.

[typically philosophical, but captures a sense of divine mystery and awe]

Sivin Kit: Just random thoughts here... but I think God goes for redemptive, as opposed to merely preventive, solutions.

[definitely Sivin!]

Anyway, it's nearly 5.00 a.m. now, and I'll have to get ready for school in about an hour's time. (Slept quite early last night, hence my early 'session' here).

So I guess I'll be going off now.


Siedne said...

Indeed, they are not dead. How comforting to know that they're in a much better place than here. How wonderful that they are able to meet the Creator =)

Sivin Kit said...

Alwyn is REALLY good with that kind of stuff .. :-) I always get pulled in. In all good fun (tinged with some seriousness too!)