Monday, October 03, 2005


broken gate
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On Friday night, a bus driver apparently forgot the handbrakes, and sent his massive metal elephant crashing into my school's side gate.

It was on our way out of school after Saturday's Maths paper that we -- Chung Hong, Kah Loong, Tsu Wern and I -- beheld the carnage.

Having virtually finished our exams (with only MUET Writing left, which we did this morning), we couldn't resist posing for a totally crazy shot.

Two Upper-Six girls took this; unfortunately, Tsu Wern decided not to join us as making her way into the midst of the rubble would have been rather difficult.

So here we have, from left, Chun Hong, Kah Loong and me, raising fists of victory atop a 'Mount Everest' of sorts. Ah, the mad things little children do... sigh.

Anyway, here's to Li-Shia's friend, Wee Kee, who is leaving for Russia tonight, to begin his journey down the path of Hippocrates, and join the ranks of the healers of old.

All the best!

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